Hizkia Yosie Polimpung

Hizkia Yosie Polimpung is a researcher at Purusha Research Cooperatives, a member of editor-collectives of Jurnal IndoProgress and a lecturer of Global Communication at Bhayangkara Jakarta Raya University. His research intersects Global Political Economy, Digital Humanities and Psychoanalysis. His research particularly deals with the problematic nature of immaterial labor and to the extent that it affects the socio-political order. He has done research on worker’s precarity in cultural industry & artistic settings (with Cecil Mariani); and on media worker (with Federasi Serikat Media Independen & Aliansi Pemuda Pekerja Indonesia). At the moment he is working on his research on rewriting the history of the so-called “Industrial Revolution 4.0” from the perspective of labor, and the way in which cooperative and collective strategies might intervene and seize the process. Outside the academia, he is also practicing hypnotherapy and psychotherapy in clinical context.

PURUSHA RESEARCH COOPERATIVES is a platform to provide places for the needs and interests of those who (still) sees the importance of cognitive works such as research, study, thinking and journalism in the endeavors to achieve a meaningful transformation of our existing socioeconomic order, towards one that does not require inequality and exploitation of the have-nots by the haves. Purusha works with its seven units (coffee shop, hypnotherapy clinic, research & consultancy, meals, art & design studio, collective education, data intelligence & scientific journalism, and social movement) and dozen of working-initiatives (reading groups, impromptus, etc.), and is based in Jakarta.