SDS didanai dan diselenggarakan dengan sumber daya di bawah (didaftar menurut abjad kontributor, dan akan diperbarui). Mengenai konteks penyelenggaraan dan pendanaan, dapat dibaca di laman informasi kami.
SDS is funded and run with these resources (alphabetically listed, and will be updated continuously). You can read the context of our organising and funding on our information page.

  • Butawarna Design Unit: contributed funds from their reserve, and labour (for conceptual development, graphic design, administration, etc.)
  • C2O: contributed headquarter office, event venue, accommodation support, and labour (for conceptual development, web design, administration, etc.)
  • Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS): contributed funds and transportation-accommodation reimbursement for four guest speakers
  • UK Petra: contributed funds and venue for two guest speakers
  • ADGI Surabaya: contributed publication support
  • ARA studio: contributed venue support and satellite event
  • Fanrong: contributed satellite event
  • Sciencewerk: contributed satellite event
  • lase maker lab: contributed satellite event
  • Koperasi ura-ura: contributed satellite event
  • Institut Francais Indonesia, Surabaya: contributed venue support
  • Wisma Jerman / Goethe Zentrum Surabaya: contributed venue support
  • Sinema Intensif: contributed satellite event
  • Media partnerships with DGI Indonesia, Surabaya City Guide (SCG), Suara Surabaya, UR Radio, Good News from Indonesia, Provoke!, Kemarin Sore Radio, Ayorek!, Whiteboardjournal

Last but not least: many generous participants who have worked hard in finding their own funding sources to enable their participation this event—some have also kindly contributed their  honorarium.

Want to support us?

You can direct all financial support to:

Bank Mandiri KC Sby Basuki Rahmat 14200
No. rekening: 142-00-8997999-0
A/N Yayasan PERINTIS Pendidikan Rangkai IT Swadaya

Bitcoin: 124TELGkDP6tEcSXYGymj1ExPxQx2yizFF

For sponsorship opportunities, contact us at